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Automobilindustrie / NVH

Automobile industry / NVH

Dodecahedron Our offer for automobile applications includes multi-channel instruments, microphones, accelerometers and force sensors, piezoelectric pressure sensors, shakers and comprehensive accessories.

The basic features of the SAMURAI software already provide a wide range of possible applications for our measurement technology in the development of vehicle components as well as in quality control (e. g. vibration analysis on vehicle parts, sound measurements in the vehicle or on the outside, human body vibration analysis on the driver seat, pressure analysis on hydraulic or pneumatic components).

The compact and robust design makes the Soundbook especially well-suited for field and test track measurements. In combination with the large 10.4" display of the Soundbook the real-time analysis already enables a first evaluation while still measuring. Various file export formats (e. g. WAV, HDF 5.0, MDF 3.0, UFF, ASCII Raw Signal) also allow post-processing of the measured data using third-party software. Additional application fields in the automobile industry are provided by the SAMURAI options "Order Tracking", "Virtual Tacho", "Vibration Meter", etc.

A satellite-aided measurement system for pass-by measurements according to ISO 362/08, DIN ISO 362-2:2010-05, 2001/43CE and ISO 13335 further extends our automobile portfolio.

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