• Compact, robust design for continuous outdoor operation
  • Battery life > 100h
  • Unlimited storage capacity on commercial database server
  • Measured data available on-line via web interface
  • Removable microphone
  • Easy operation (self-configuring sensor network
  • Any number of measuring points
  • Single, wide measuring range
  • Sound level curve
  • Real-time 1/3 octave analysis
  • Audio data recording
  • Automatic calibration function

As a modified Tango sound level meter with accuracy class 1 according to IEC 61672 our Tango_NMS monitoring station provides the device basis for the web-based MUNISENSE long-term monitoring platform. Tango_NMS was developed for the efficient monitoring of noise created by communities, commercially operated facilities and industrial plants as well as road and rail traffic.

The data measured by the Tango_NMS measuring stations are organised via a ZigBee wireless network and transferred to the central MUNISENSE server via an integrated or external 3G modem. The distance between the individual Tango_NMS measuring stations may be up to 300m. ZigBee repeaters or additional Tango_NMS measuring stations may be used to extend the transmission range.

The sound level meter's low power consumption and its additional communication unit allow for 100 hours of operation from an internal battery. This operation time may be extended with an optional back-up battery or solar panel.

Munisense Insightnow Measurement and service data are available for further use via the MUNISENSE INSIGHTNOW portal (website). The INSIGHTNOW portal enables user management with different levels of access as well as data display and evaluation anywhere. Apart from the instantaneous sound levels at the individual measuring points, level curves of the last days, weeks or even years are available as well as the station's audio data for listening-in. Furthermore, service data as battery capacity, transmitting power, transmission quality and information on the communication between the measuring stations are transferred. Another integral part is the level exceedance reporting via SMS and email.


Tango_NMS options
Option Order no. Scope of delivery
Tango_NMS Gateway IP20 801236.4 Internet gateway (Zigbee - LAN/WLAN - UMTS modem) for indoor use
Tango_NMS Gateway IP54 801237.2 Internet gateway (Zigbee - LAN/WLAN - UMTS modem) for outdoor use
Tango_NMS opt. UMTS Modem int. 801790.6 Internal UMTS modem
Munisense Router IP54 801457.5 Router for extending the range between measurement stations
Solar Panel Tango_NMS 6 W 801459.1 Solar Panel 6 W
Solar Panel Tango_NMS 12 W 801458.3 Solar Panel 12 W
Calibrator CAL200 1/2" type1 PTB 800934.4 PTB-approved, 1/2" Class 1 calibrator
MUNISENSE INSIGHTNOW Portal 801789.1 MUNISENSE webinterface
AUDITOR Noise Report Software 800992.2 Post-processing according to international standards and TA-Lärm

Standards and approvals


IEC 61672: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 60651: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 60804: Class 1 sound level meter


DE Germany

Web portal

INSIGHTNOW munisense portal
Web-based data storage and representation for real-time monitoring.


Software package for the evaluation and documentation of time-varying environmental noise as well as the evaluation of noise emissions according to TA-Lärm.

Technical specifications

General technical specifications of Tango
Accuracy Class 1 or Class 2 according to IEC 60651 / 60804 / 61672
Calibratability Approval pending
Measuring range 25 ... 140dB (A)
Measurement values
  • Sound pressure level LAF, LAS
  • Maximum sound level LAFmax, LASmax
  • Minimum sound level LAFmin, LASmin
  • Continuous sound level LAeq, LCeq
  • Taktmaximal level LAtm5
  • Time / measurement time / exceedance duration
Frequency weightings A + C
Time weightings Fast, Slow
Frequency analyzer
1/3 octave mode (optional)
10Hz ÷ 20kHz 1/3 octave band
Measuring range 25 to 140dB (L Aeq)
Resolution 0.1dB
Display Backlit LCD:
  • Measured value with 3.5 digits
  • Bar graph in 5-dB steps
  • < Undercut, > overload
  • Measurement time (hh:mm:ss)
  • Battery state of charge
  • Storage state
Microphone 1/2" measuring microphone, permanently polarized, removable
Weather protection WS1 for continuous operation
Calibration Automatically to 94 dB with external calibrator
Storage capacity Buffer storage on commercial database server
(unlimited storage on MUNISENSE server)
Interface Zigbee
Batteries Li-ion battery with integrated battery charger
Operating time per battery set > 100h
Dimensions 750mm x 80mm x 60mm
Weight 1.5kg (incl. batteries)
Scope of delivery Sound level meter, WS1 weather protection, mounting kit,
user manual, 115/230VAC power adapter



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