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Soundbook with siNoise is an officially calibratable dual-channel sound level meter according to IEC 61672 (PTB type approval 21.21/09.02). The instrument features separate windows conforming to the above standards for each measurement channel of the sound level meter and is located on a protected partition of the computer, i.e. the software and the setup cannot be changed by the user.

The included real-time 1/3 octave analyzer and level recorder windows are not type-approved features of this instrument. Because siNoise can only be used with type-approved microphones and always works in extended range mode with 110 dB dynamic range and with default parameters, this program is very easy to operate. By double-clicking on a window, this window is maximized or minimized. Changing the display properties (colors, fonts, line thickness, screen orientation) has no influence on the data acquisition and storage. The sound level meter displays 10 sound levels per channel:

Class 1 sound level meter
  • Measurements according to IEC 61672
  • Certified measurement of: L AF, L AS, L AI, L Aeq, L AE, L AFmax, L ASmax, L AImax, L ZF, L ZS, L CF, L CS, L CFmax, L Atm5, L Atm5 - L Aeq, L AFn, L Ceq, L Ceq - L Aeq, L Cpeak
  • All values are displayed as digits. Two main values are displayed as large digits and also as bars.
  • Officially calibratable (PTB type approval)
Real-time 1/3 octave analyzer
  • Class 0 (Class 1 type-approved) real-time third-octave filters according to IEC 1260
  • Measurements from 16 Hz ... 20 kHz
  • Momentary, max, min spectra simultaneously
Level recorder
  • Level recording with Fast, Slow, Impulse and Peak weightings
  • Scrolling time axis with display window of 30 seconds
  • Markers are displayed as traces in key color

The measurement and display functions of siNoise are fully compatible with the respective SAMURAI functions. The data stored under siNoise can be opened and processed with SAMURAI and with Noise & Vibration Works. Soundbook + siNoise are usually used when a type-approved calibrated measuring system is required, e.g. for juristic purposes.

Technical Data siNoise
Scope Soundbook with Windows XP + siNoise Version 1.7.14
Microphones/preamplifiers 2 x MK221/MV203 or 2 x MM210 or 2 x WME952
Connection LEMO7 jack socket
Number of measurement channels 8
Accuracy Class 1 according to IEC 61672
Measurement range 25 dB(A) ... 135 dB(A)
Frequency weighting A, C, Z
Time weighting Fast, Slow, Impulse, Peak
Measurement functions L p, L min, L max, L eq, L E, L Atm5, measurement time, level recorder, third-octave analyzer 16 Hz ... 20 kHz
Intrinsic noise level
(acoustical + electrical)
<12 dB(A),
<14 dB(C),
<16 dB(Z)
Reference level 1 kHz, 94 dB
Integration time 1 s ... n h, start/stop
Sampling rate for level 125 ms
Remote control TCP/IP interface

Standards and approvals


IEC 61672: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 60651: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 60804: Class 1 sound level meter


DE Germany
PTB type approval 21.21 / 09.02
PTB type approval 21.21 / 12.05

CH Switzerland
METAS type approval CH-A3-15103-00


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