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Noise dosimeter for occupational safety
with octave analyzer and Airwave App



  • Compact, robust design
  • Easy operation
  • 35 hours of battery life / 15 hours of battery life in octave mode
  • Airwave App for mobile devices
  • Bluetooth® 4.0
  • Integrated display and visual alarm (LED)
  • Simultaneous measurement of all occupational noise parameters
  • C frequency weighting / LC-LA (HML)
  • Sound level curve
  • Automatic calibration function
  • Use of measurement set-ups
  • Motion sensor
  • Audio recording (PLUS and PRO versions)
  • Octave analysis (PRO version)


  • Evaluation of occupational noise according to CFR 1910.95 (USA), ISO9612:2009, L108
  • Hearing protection selection
  • Noise exposure calculation
  • Ensures compliance with the occupational noise standards and regulations

The CEL-dBadge2 dosimeters measure and store all relevant occupational noise parameters. For hearing protection selection the dosimeters simultaneously measure LCeq and LAeq. The SNR and HML values are specified by manufacturers. LCeq and/oder LAeq may be combined with these values to determine the sound pressure level at the ear using simple, internationally recognised calculations. The CEL-dBadge2 PLUS and dBadge2 PRO models additionally offer an audio recording function on exceedance of a pre-set sound level and the recording of an audio note before a measurement is started. Furthermore the dBadge2 PRO model allows octave analysis. The Airwave App permits to start, stop or pause a measurement and to monitor the battery state, measurement time, storage capacity and alarms.

The dosimeters are available with complete accessories, including sound calibrator, carrying case, wind screen, user manual and charging station.

dBadge2 version overview


CEL-dBadge2 version overview
Version Order no. Features
CEL-dBadge2 KIT1 801759.4 Standard scope of delivery
CEL-dBadge2 PLUS KIT1 801762.5 Plus audio recording
CEL-dBadge2 PRO KIT1 801763.3 Plus audio recording and octave analyzer


IEC 61252 Ed 1.1 (2002-3): Electroacoustics - Specifications for personal sound exposure meters

ANSI S1.25:1991 R2007: American National Standard - Specification for Personal Noise Dosimeters

IEC 61672: Class 2 sound level meter

Software The Casella Insight software allows the comfortable data management and handling, including a report feature.
Transfer of the stored data is realized via the charging cradle.
For further information please refer to CASELLA INSIGHT.

Technical specifications

General technical specifications of CEL-dBadge2
Measuring range 55.0 - 140.3dB(A) RMS, 143,3dB PEAK
Measurement values
  • Maximum sound level LAFmax, LASmax, LAImax
  • Equivalent continuous sound level LAeq, LCeq
  • Peak levels LCpeak, LApeak, LZpeak
  • Daily personal noise exposure (ISO) LAEPd, Proj LAEPd, LEX,8h
  • Amplitude weightings (halving parameter) Q=3, Q=5
  • Selection of hearing protection using HML / SNR method LC - LA, LCeq, LAeq
  • Average continuous sound level (OSHA) LAvg
  • Daily personal noise exposure (OSHA) TWA, 8h
Frequency weightings A, C, Z
Time weightings Fast, Slow, Impulse
Display Backlit OLED colour display
Microphone 1/2" Class 2 measuring microphone, permanently polarized
Calibration With normal 1/2" calibrator at 114dB
Storage cycles 24h with up to 100 cycles
Storage capacity 300h of level recording and up to 90 minutes of audio recording
Interface USB 2.0 (12Mbps) via charging station
Battery Internal NiMH, 800mAh
Operating time 35h
Model IP65 protection class
Ambient conditions Temperature -10 to + 50°C, relative humidity 30% to 90%
Battery charging time < 6h
Dimensions 85mm x 54mm x 55mm
Weight 117g (incl. batteries)
CEL-dBadge2 PLUS
Audio recording Triggered audio recording (10s recording time, 3s pre-trigger, 8kHz sample rate, 16 bit resolution), audio notes
CEL-dBadge2 PRO
Audio recording Triggered audio recording (10s recording time, 3s pre-trigger, 8kHz sample rate, 16 bit resolution), audio notes
Octave analysis 9 octave bands 31.5Hz ... 8kHz, A- or Z-weighted Leq and L max



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