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Piezoelectric pressure sensors

Piezoelectric pressure sensors for capturing dynamic pressure changes are especially well-suited for the evaluation of turbulences and pressure variations in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Some sensors may also be used for acoustic measurements.

For our measuring systems we offer Piezoelectric pressure sensors of the following companies:

Below we have listed several pressure sensors from our product line. We are happy to support you in selecting appropriate sensors. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Dynamic pressure   Measuring range Sensitivity Lower frequency limit Temperature range  
M106B ICP Pressure Sensor
91 dB - 181 dB
43.5 mV/kPa
0.5 Hz
-54 ... +121°C
M101A06 ICP Pressure sensor
1.45 mV/kPa
0.1 Hz
-73 ... +135°C

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