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Traffic forecasts by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and projections on the industrial development show that the noise pollution emitted by road and rail transport, airports and industrial plants will increase significantly. Usually hand-held sound level meters are used to determine the sources of noise pollution . Depending on the type of the sound source, however, PC-based measurement systems may offer better analysis capabilities.

Commercially operated facilities and industrial plants which require a permit and must adhere to the regulations of the Federal Immission Protection Act (Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetzes - BImSchG) are covered by the technical instructions on protection against noise (Technische Anleitung zum Schutz gegen Lärm - TA Lärm) with respect to the evaluation of the caused noise emissions. According to Art. 26 BImSchG, authorities and metering points for the determination of noise emissions and immissions shall use officially calibrated sound level meters for the noise pollution evaluation. With Soundbook and NoiseLOG_mobil we offer calibratable, PC-based measurement systems with up to eight measuring channels for capturing environmental noise data using the latest technology. The post-processing of measured values with Auditor, MS Excel or other applications can be performed directly on the Soundbook.

The Soundbook-based NoiseLOG_mobil is designed for rough field operation as for example at construction sites. The measuring station continuously monitors noise and vibration at one or more measurement points. To match the specific requirements of an application up to eight different microphone types, geophones and accelerometers in our product range may be directly connected to the NoiseLOG_mobil. All relevant data as sound level curves, 1/3 octave spectra and audio signals are locally stored for long time periods. Access for the evaluation of the stored data is already possible during measurement. NoiseLOG_mobil allows integration into various networks via LAN, ISDN, modem and GPRS. Several microphone types also offer automatic periodic sensitivity monitoring using electrostatic actuator calibration.

The measurement system may be complemented with different meteorological sensors. For the connection of external alarm channels floating contacts are available. Various interfaces allow acquisition of additional information as vehicle speed, transponder characteristics or other data. As a separate option we offer a camera for video recordings that are synchronized with the measured data. NoiseLOG_mobil is suited for the continuous monitoring of aircraft noise, industrial noise, road and rail transport noise and well as noise caused by sports or other major events. The fully automatically working station is controlled locally (service case) via a bright 10.4“ TFT touchscreen and via network for remote control. All measured data can be directly stored on a hard drive or an exchangeable SD card.
Our NoiseLOG_mobil measuring stations may be equipped with various software products to meet the specific application demands. Integrated flexible system trigger mechanisms ensure that all relevant data are captured and stored. High-performance signal processors allow real-time processing of the measured data. Data storage on a hard drive, network communication and statistical evaluation are safeguarded by a powerful, highly reliable Panasonic Toughbook PC. NoiseLOG_mobil works with a Windows 7 operating system and allows full control via a remote computer.

NoiseLOG_mobil The portable NoiseLOG_mobil comes in a sturdy IP65-protected ABS carrying case. The internal battery of NoiseLOG_mobil offers an operating time of up to 15 hours. For installation of the measuring microphones in the field we offer various MIL-compliant telescoping masts which allow easy transport and installation in just a few steps. We also supply the ready-to-use NoiseLOG_mobil station in various passenger car trailers. We will mount optional hardware accessories as a pneumatic telescoping microphone mast, weather station or WiFi antennas before delivery. The trailers offer a 25V on-board mains, DC/AC converters and batteries including charger for 1 week of autonomous operation.

Standards and approvals


IEC 61672: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 60651: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 60804: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 61260: Class 0 filter

DIN EN SO 8041, ISO-2631, ISO 5349, ISO-8662, UNI-2614, UNI-11048 and UNI-9916:
HVMA weighting filters

DIN ISO 7919, ISO 2954, ISO 10816:
Evaluation of mechanical vibration


PTB type approval 21.21 / 13.05
BEV type approval OE 06 / s 010
BEV type approval OE 06 / s 020
BEV type approval OE 07 / s 020
BEV type approval OE 06 / s 021
BEV type approval OE 06 / s 010
METAS type approval CH-A3-15103-00


SAMURAI is our universal software package for the real-time noise and vibration analysis and offers comprehensive evaluation functions for post-processing.

Software package for the evaluation and documentation of time-varying environmental noise as well as the evaluation of noise emissions according to TA-Lärm.

Technical specifications

Integrated PC

General technical specifications of NoiseLog_mobil
Device basis: Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 (see also Toughbook website for further details)
Finish IP54 magnesium case
Processor IntelTM Core i5 2.6GHz
Display Bright 10.4" TFT 1024 x 768 with touchscreen, ambient light sensor (up to 500cd/m² transmissive and 6.500cd/m² reflective brightness, depending on light conditions)
Storage medium 500GB HD with heating / shock absorber or SSD
Interface 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, LAN, WLAN, modem RJ-11, PC card Typ II, VGA, Bluetooth, SD card, Firewire, ExpressCard 34/54, SD/SDXC
Operating system Windows 7, multiple languages


General technical specifications of Soundbook_MK2
Input channels 1-2/4/8
Resolution 24 bit
Real-time bandwidth DC ... 40kHz @ 8 channels (80kHz optional)
Dynamic range 120dB
Noise < 1μV(A), < 2μV(Z) @ 0.1Hz ... 40 kHz
Sample rates 200Hz to 204.8kHz
Decimation up to 200Hz sample rate, selectable per channel
Anti-aliasing filter yes
Max. input voltage ±10Vpeak @ head room of 1dB
Gain 0dB, 20dB
Over-voltage detection yes
Phase shift < 0.1° @ 20Hz ... 20 kHz
Offset correction yes, automatically at internal calibration
Imput coupling DC, AC 0.15Hz, HP 1Hz, HP 10Hz, TP 2kHz
Microphone voltage supply ±14V, +20/63/200V switchable (for BNC versions on AUX)
ICP supply 2/4mA switchable
Cable error detection yes, for ICP sensors
TEDS according to IEEE 1451.4 yes
AUX channels (via optional connector on NoiseLog-mobil carrying case)
Digital input 2x TTL
Digital output 2x TTL
Sensor supply ±14V, +20/63/200V switchable
Auxiliary channels 1-8 (via optional connector on NoiseLog-mobil carrying case)
Resolution 24 bit
Real-time bandwidth DC ... 200Hz @ 8 channels
Input voltage -25V ... +25V
Output channels 1-2 (via optional connector on NoiseLog-mobil carrying case)
Resolution 24 bit
Bandwidth DC ... 20/40/80kHz
Max. output voltage ±3.16Vpeak
Special channels via optional connector on NoiseLog-mobil carrying case)
Trigger 2x trigger / tacho, trigger level adjustable 0.1Hz ... 6MHz
Synchronisation Sample-accurate synchronisation with external clock (e.g. GPS 1Hz)
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions 600mm x 400mm x 220mm
Weight 6kg
External power supply 100 ... 240VAC or 10 ... 36VDC
Environmental conditions
Shock resistance complies with MIL-STD 810F
Humidity 30% ... 90%
Temperature range -10°C ... +50°C
Storage conditions -20°C ... +60°C, 95% humidity maximum
Emissions complies with EN50081-1
Immissions complies with EN50082-1
Number of channels 1...8 for measuring microphones and ICP accelerometers
Operation modes
  • Measurement of levels L p(A, C, Z)
  • Measurement of peak values (A, C, Z)
  • Continuous sound level L eq(A, C, Z)
  • 1/3 octave and FFT analyses
  • Audio signal recording
Additional features
  • Transfer of level and audio data to the web-based long-term monitoring platform MUNISENSE.
  • Automatic alarm via relay, email
  • Data storage on mobile SD card
Microphone e.g. 41AN, WME952, MM255 + WS1, 46AE + RA0153

NoiseLog_mobil models
  NoiseLOG_mobil NoiseLOG_mobil in car trailer
Interface WLAN, LAN, GPRS, Bluetooth WLAN, LAN, GPRS, Bluetooth
Router (optional) 3G, 4G, LTE 3G, 4G, LTE
UPS 16h min. 100h (on-board power supply 230VAC, 24VDC)
Dimensions 500mm x 400mm x 220mm Car trailer on customer request
(2 internal working stations possible)
Weight 6kg -
Protection class IP65 IP54



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