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Measurement system for capturing the sound emitted
by moving road vehicles according ISO 362.


Dynatrack is a special measurement system for capturing the sound emitted by moving road vehicles (Pass-by) and for determining the noise emitted by road vehicle tyres and exhausts on the basis of high-precision GNSS technology.

The Dynatack system is specifically designed to require only one operator for testing. With a user-friendly menu the Starpass software navigates the user through the individual test sequences. Via WiFi the data captured in the vehicle are already synchronized with the data measured by the base station during the measurement. Thus, the Pass-by measurement system allows the driver to evaluate all measurement results required for approval tests according to ISO 362:1998, 362 1-3:2015 and ISO 2001 / 43CE.

  • Pass-by measurements including noise emitted by tyres and exhaust
  • Positioning via GPS
  • Data transmission via WiFi
  • Sound and vibration measurement in the vehicle
  • Controllable by one operator only
  • OBD / CAN option
  • Export of results to common data formats as Microsoft® Excel®, etc.
  • Creation of reports
  • Storage of raw data for post-processing
High-precision GPS technology
Acquisition of the vehicle location, speed and acceleration is realized with high-precision GNSS technology. The utilized receiver uses codes as well as phase signals to determine the vehicle location. As an option radar speed sensors and light barriers are available
Efficient measurement
The storage management of the Starpass software allows management of various vehicles with different technical specifications. For example, vehicles with different tyres may be tested and immediately compared while still in the car, which means significant time savings. Furthermore the user is able to define various test parameters, which he may combine with registered vehicles. GPS technology enables virtual arrangement of microphone positions as well as test zone entry and exit areas. This allows time-saving definition of several test zones, which may be combined with registered vehicles and test parameters.
Pass-by extension for motorcycles
A special, light-weight system extension has been developed and optimized to match the more demanding requirements of motorcycles.


Pass-By options
Order no. Description
800731.8Pass-By GPS & onboard electronics
800986.7PASS-BY Base station
800732.6 Driver control unit with 7" TFT
800988.3PASS-BY opt. Motor Cycles
801313.1PASS-BY opt. On-vehicle analyzer
800594.3NWWin opt: PASS-BY

Standards and approvals


ISO 362: Measurement of noise emitted by accelerating road vehicles - Engineering method (Grade 2 accuracy) (Vehicle categories M1 - M3, N1 - N3, L1 - L7, O1 -O4, T, C, R, S, P, V)

UN/ECE R51.03: Noise emissions emitted by M and N category vehicles

DIRECTIVE 2001/43/EC: Tyres for motor vehicles and their trailers

IEC 61672: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 60651: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 60804: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 61260: Class 0 filter


DE Germany
PTB type approval 21.21 / 13.05 (for Soundbook_MK2)

AT Austria
Approval pending

CH Switzerland
METAS CH-A3-15103-00 (for Soundbook_MK2)


SAMURAI is our universal software package for the real-time noise and vibration analysis and offers comprehensive evaluation functions for post-processing. For pass-by measurements the SAMURAI opt. PASS-BY NOISE (800562.1) is required.

With Spectra's Noise & Vibration Works software for Windows we provide a feature-rich, high-performance engineering tool for the post-process evaluation of sound and vibration measurement data. The NWWin opt. Pass By Noise (800562.1) allows the creation of reports on pass-by measurements.



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