Integrating mini sound level meter with maximum performance


The ultra-compact design of the Boogie sound level meter provides excellent characteristics. It is designed for easy operation, even by inexperienced users. Automatic calibration and automatic measuring range selection help to avoid measurement errors. The large and clear indication of the measured values in numbers and additionally as a quasi-analogue bar facilitates readability.
With only three buttons the instrument allows simplest operation. The membrane keypad is easy to clean, and the stainless steel microphone enclosure reliably withstands the strains of everyday use.
Due to its reasonable price, easy handling and small format Boogie is the ideal choice even for companies, citizens' initiatives or private individuals whose budget does usually prohibit to purchase noise measuring equipment.

As a special feature for its class Boogie also measures the energy-equivalent continuous sound level LAeq (moving 1 second value or start/stop mode) apart from the A-weighted sound pressure level and its maximum.
An acoustic calibrator enables fully automatic calibration of the instrument. The calibration is also stored and retained after shut-down.

Operation of Boogie on the RS232 interface (BOOGIE_232/Class 2 USB sound level meter)

Combined with the enclosed BoogieRecorder software the RS232 interface enables you to view and store measured values. Furthermore the software allows configuration and remote control of the measuring instrument. A separate window for easy parameter set-up as well as display and storage of measured values is provided on the computer screen. The connection to a Windows PC is established via the enclosed RS232/USB adapter.

The interface enables the user to easily integrate Boogie into a PC-based measurement. The commands required for this operation are included in a command list. The command structure of the interface is designed to allow operation of the instrument in an ASCII terminal.


Boogie options overview
Version Order no. Scope of delivery
BOOGIE_232/USB Class 2 sound level meter 904002.0 Class 2 sound level meter, carrying case, wind screen, RS232/USB adapter,
BoogieRecorder software for Windows
Tripod for SLM 800630.0 Tripod with carrying case


IEC 61672: Class 2 sound level meter

IEC 60651: Class 2 sound level meter

IEC 60804: Class 2 sound level meter


Boogie-Recorder (Included in delivery.)
The RS232 interface in combination with the Boogie-Recorder software enable you to view and store measured values. Format options for data storage are ".dat", ".txt" or ".csv". Furthermore the software allows configuration and remote control of the measuring instrument. The connection to a Windows PC is established via a RS232/USB adapter.

Technical specifications

General technical specifications of Boogie
Accuracy Class 2 according to IEC60651 / 60804 / 61672
Operation modes
  • Sound pressure level Lp
  • Maximum sound level Lmax
  • Continuous sound level LAeq
Frequency weightings A
Time weightings Fast
Measuring range 30 to 130dB, automatic and manual
Microphone 1/4" electret
Calibration Automatically to 94dB
Resolution 0.1dB
Display 3.5-digit measured value, quasi-analogue bar, menu text
Battery 2 x AA
Operating time Typically 120h (per battery set)
Temperature range 0°C ... + 40°C
Dimensions 170mm x 62mm x 30mm
Weight 168g



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