SINUS Messtechnik Made in Germnay

repair submission

Prior to shipment please always announce repair submissions via e-mail including a callback number and a detailed fault description with as much details as possible. Please use our "Repair shipping form". Please enclose this shipping form and a repair order into your repair submission.

Please pack your devices properly in a double-walled cardboard box. Carriage forward shipments will be returned to the sender without repair.

We cannot guarantee the preservation of storage contents (on instrument hard drives). Please back-up your data prior to shipment! Of course, we will always try to preserve your settings and measurement data.

Please refer to service adress for the repair submission.

Estimated charges

Your distributor provide you with the estimated repair charges if indicated in the "Repair shipping form" for your repair submission. The estimated charges will be submitted by fax or e-mail. Please specify a fax number or e-mail address for this purpose.
Upon arrival we will perform a full check on your instrument at your charge. If you revoke you repair order due to the estimated charges, this instrument check will be invoiced at a fixed fee of EUR 65 depending on complexity plus return shipment.

Devices without identifiable fault

If the diagnosis of a submitted device does not reveal faults or if the fault was caused by incorrect operation or the failure to follow the operating instructions, the fixed fee of EUR 65 plus return shipment will still be invoiced.

Noise Dosimeter