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Integrating basic sound level meter
PTB model registration 21.21 / 12.04


The Tango sound level meter is a compact, PTB-approved, basic Class 1 sound level meter for occupational and environmental safety applications. With an intelligent software design and a measuring range of 110dB, which does not require range switching, Tango is very easy to operate despite its many functions. Tango enables even inexperienced users to measure and evaluate sound levels without errors immediately.

Tango's permanently polarized, removable 1/2" microphone is automatically calibrated with a standard acoustic calibrator. A backlit, high-contrast display indicates the measured values and offers good readability in sunshine or darkness, even over larger distances. The keypad is arranged clearly and offers perceptible keystrokes. State-of-the-art circuit technology provides Tango with an ultra-low current consumption. The two batteries (1.2 ... 1.5V, AA type) safeguard operating times of up to 120h and storage over 10 years (with Lithium batteries). This makes Tango virtually always ready to use.

The Tango sound level meter simultaneously works with the frequency weightings A and C and the time weightings Fast (125ms) and Slow (1s). Apart from the instantaneous sound levels LAF and LAS as well as the maximum levels LAFmax, LASmax and LCpeak in one time domain Tango also measures LAeq, LAE, LAtm5 and LAtm5-LAeq integrated over a given period. Additionally exceedance periods for three user-selectable LCPeak thresholds may be determined.

The set-up enables the user to define which of these values shall be determined or stored. In this process the user may also select different storage cycles for the individual values. The Tango-Utilities software and a USB interface provide a means to retrieve and convert the stored data to a standard format. Furthermore, the software offers easy creation of individual set-ups and transfer to the instrument (values to be measured, values to be stored, storage cycles).

Tango meet all requirements for a Class 1 sound level meter in the following fields of application:

  • Traffic and industrial noise measurements
  • Monitoring of noise created by neighbours and recreational activities
  • Occupational noise measurements

Automatic sound level meter calibration prior to each measurement run significantly increases the measurement accuracy. Tango also retains the calibration values after shut-down.
Its low cost, easy operation and small dimensions make Tango the ideal tool for all users who require an IEC 61672 Class 1 instrument, but do not need to perform frequency analyses or sound signal recordings.

Operating Tango at the USB interface

The Tango sound level meter also offers operation via the USB interface. In this operation mode the PC will display the measured values and supply the device with power via the interface. For power supply from 230V mains power outlets a USB wall power supply is included in the delivery.
The Tango-Utilities software is included in the delivery for operation and configuration via PC and data transfer . A separate window is provided on the computer screen for easy parameter set-up and transfer of stored values.

The interface also enables the user to integrate Tango into a PC-based measurement system. The commands required for this operation are included in a command list. The command structure of the interface is designed to allow operation of the instrument in an ASCII terminal.

High-quality measurement equipment made in Germany

The Tango sound level meter and the enclosed Class 1 microphone are exclusively manufactured in Germany.


Tango version / option overview
Version Order no. Scope of delivery
Tango_SLM type1 907000.1B Class 1 sound level meter, carrying case, wind screen, 8 MB memory, TANGO-Utilities software for Windows
Tango_SLM type2 907040.3 Class 2 sound level meter, carrying case, wind screen, 8 MB memory, TANGO-Utilities software for Windows
Microphone extension cable, 3m 961011.7 3m extension cable for remote microphone use
Tripod for SLM 800630.0 Tripod with carrying case
Tango_Outdoor Kit 907300.4 weather-proof carrying case, 3m microphone extension cable, WS1 microphone weather screen, tripod,
Tango_DC-DC converter, Li battery 14.8V/6.1A, Li-Ion battery charger
Tango_Outdoor Kit without battery 907302.0 weather-proof carrying case, 3m microphone extension cable, WS1 microphone weather screen, tripod
AUDITOR_light Noise Report Software 801282.1 Post-processing according to international standards and TA-Lärm

Standards and approvals


IEC 61672: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 60651: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 60804: Class 1 sound level meter


DE Germany
PTB type approval 21.21 / 12.04


Tango-Utilities Tango-Utilities (included in the delivery)
Combined with a USB interface the Tango-Utilities software provides the ability to retrieve and store the measurement data stored on the instrument and convert them to an Office standard format. Furthermore you are able to create an individual set-up for Tango and transfer it to the instrument (measurement values, storage cycles, percentiles).

Auditor AUDITOR_light
The combination of the Tango sound level meter and the AUDITOR_light post-processing software forms a powerful Solution for the measurement, evaluation and documentation of time-varying environmental noise. The post-processing allows effective calculation of the rating level according to TA-Lärm and international standards and directives. With the full version of AUDITOR you are able to process the measured values of any SINUS Messtechnik GmbH sound level meter or analyzer, including Tango.

Technical specifications

General technical specifications of Tango
Accuracy Class 1 or Class 2 according to IEC 60651 / 60804 / 61672
Calibratability PTB type approval 21.21 / 12.04
Measuring range 30 ... 140dB (A)
Measurement values
  • Sound pressure level LAF, LAS
  • Maximum sound level LAFmax, LASmax
  • Continuous sound level LAeq
  • Peak level LCpeak
  • Sound dose LAE
  • Taktmaximal level LAFT (LAtm5)
  • 3x peak level exceedance duration LCpeak_exceedance
  • Time / measurement time / exceedance duration
  • Optional: 3x percentiles LAFn
Frequency weightings A + Cpeak
Time weightings Fast, Slow
Measuring range 30 to 140dB (L Aeq)
60 to 143dB (L Cpeak)
Resolution 0.1dB
Display Backlit LCD:
  • Measured value with 3.5 digits
  • Bar graph in 5-dB steps
  • < Undercut, > overload
  • Measurement time (hh:mm:ss)
  • Battery state of charge
  • Storage state
Microphone 1/2" measuring microphone, permanently polarized, removable
Calibration Automatically to 94dB (104/114dB selectable)
Storage cycles Individually and freely selectable for all measurement values from 62.5ms ... 60min
Storage capacity Up to 194 days depending on selected storage cycle
Interface USB
Batteries 2 x AA type (1.2 ... 1.5V), all battery models may be used
Operating time per battery set > 120h
Battery storage period 10 years (Lithium battery)
Temperature range -10°C ... + 50°C
Dimensions 190mm x 70mm x 32mm
Weight 250g (incl. batteries)
Scope of delivery Sound level meter, windscreen, user manual, 1.5m USB interface cable, USB power adapter, Tango-Utilities software



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