The sound level limiters offered by CESVA are specifically designed for the continuous monitoring and noise limiting of club sound systems and public address systems. They help hosts, authorities and technicians to adhere to legal or regulatory noise limits for music events or other kinds of public addresses. These limits safeguard the health of participants or casual, "involuntary" listeners who have the right of limited noise pollution. Therefore hosts have the obligation to adhere to regulatory restrictions and shall be able to document and prove compliance if required.

The instruments we offer measure and document the sound level, automatically limit it to the permissible value or shut down the sound system without prior notice. The instruments are easy to use, protected against illegal tampering and are optionally equipped with a small remote display, e. g. for additional sound level indication at the mixer. The modem interface allows remote retrieval of the locally stored data via the telephone network.

The RS-60 is a basic acoustic level detector (2 individually adjustable threshold levels) which can detect and indicate level exceedance and trigger switching operations. An external display with a level and exceedance indicator supports, for example, the sound engineer during an event. Due to its storage function the instrument is also suited for level recording if automatic volume control by a limiter is not possible or desired for certain events as for example music concerts.
Use of the RS-60 to monitor unwanted or illegal equipment operation which results in excessive sound or vibration levels is also possible.

The LRF-04 and LRF-05 limiters are installed between mixer and amplifier and can directly control the sound signal. If the level at the measuring microphone is exceeded, the signal is reduced to the maximum permissible level. The value for the permissible equivalent continuous sound level and the reference time for continuous calculation are adjustable. The averaging time may be adjusted to a maximum of 10 seconds. This avoids abrupt volume jumps which are not acceptable at a music event.

The instruments offer day/night operation modes with different maximum levels. Data retrieval via modem as well as day-related pre-setting and shut down capabilities allow unattended continuous operation. Access to the instrument settings and the stored data is password-protected. Attempted manipulation of the microphone or possible power failures are stored for later evaluation.
A Windows application is available for instrument set-up and data retrieval. The software also allows the tabulation or graphical display, printing and export (MS Excel format) of the measured values.

As a special feature the LRF-04 and LRF-05 instruments are also able to monitor adherence to a level limit in an adjacent room. This requires information on the octave-related attenuation values for the microphone site (place of emission) and the adjacent room (place of immission). This feature allows the devices to be installed in clubs or discos with adjacent living spaces.


Limiter options
Version Order no. Scope of delivery
DL100 800604.4 Giant external display for LRF-x, RS-60
DL-3E 800472.5 LRF-0X external display
DL-SE 800470.0 External display RS-60


The software for LRF-04, LRF-05 and RS60 is included in the delivery.

Technical specifications

General technical specifications of Limiter
RS-60 LRF-04 LRF-05
Item number 800444.4 800442.8 800443.6
Short feature description Display and triggering of switching operations on level exceedance (two levels adjustable), storage of change over time and events * Linear attenuation on level exceedance for emission/immision at given octave attenuation, storage of change over time, level statistics and events * Linear attenuation on level exceedance for emission/immision at given octave attenuation, storage of change over time, level statistics and events *
Microphone, measuring range 1/2", 60-120dB,
1/2", 60-120dB,
1/2", 60-120dB,
Attenuation No interference in signal 0 – 40dB, 60dB ** 0 – 40dB, 60dB **
Evaluation basis L eq2s – 180s L eq125ms – 10s L eq125ms – 10s
Frequency weighting A, C A A
Day/night operation - Periods adjustable Periods adjustable
Data retrieval / programming PC Instrument or PC PC
Modem connection for data retrieval x x x
Level display on instrument - x -
Optional external display x x x
Printing during operation x x x
Storage capacity 60 days
(at 1 minute intervals)
22 days
(at 2 minute intervals)
10 days
(at 2 minute intervals)

*Level exceedance events, tampering with microphone, network failures etc.
**If the maximum attenuation of 30/40dB is not sufficient to comply with the limit/maximum level, a 60dB attenuation may be applied (period adjustable)


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