Noisecam Video


Field of Application:

For certain measurements it might be helpful to have the option to record a video in addition to the measured levels and sound recordings. The SAMURAI option "NoiseCam Video" allows the documentation of the measurement situation and the allocation of measured levels to a certain noise source. It stores video data at a fully adjustable compression rate synchronously to the sound signals and level data. Possible applications include measurements at work, traffic routes or public events.


In addition to audio recording, this option allows a video to be recorded synchronously with a freely selectable compression rate. Furthermore, two values from a measurement channel can be superimposed on the video together with the measurement time. Thus, measurement sequences and conditions can be easily and clearly documented. The export to a multimedia standard format enables the video to be replayed on every PC. In this way, a clear documentation of sound level exceedances may be delivered to the originator.

Figure 1:
HVMA measurement + video

Figure 2:
Outdoor monitoring + video


  • Video recording synchronous to noise and vibration measurement
  • Superimposition of date, time and levels
  • Compatible with most cameras and web-cams
  • Fast and efficient video compression
  • Selectable frame rate
  • Superimposition of a company logo
  • Export as WMF and QuickTime


This software option require a valid SAMURAI license and a compatible camera.