Data Collector


Application scope

The "Data Collector" is a user-friendly tool for the easy creation of a spreadsheet consisting of similar data from different measurements.

This option proves to be especially helpful when many similar measurements have to be performed and certain similar data from all individual measurements need to be collected in one single spreadsheet for further evaluation.

You can, for example, use this option to create a spreadsheet for periodic measurements where the columns contain the values for measurement name, starting time, LAeq and LAMax of each individual measurement.

Another possible application is collecting the Leq spectra of individual measurements for subsequent averaging (e. g. to determine the sound power).


Before collecting the data from different earlier or planned measurements you have to define the data that should be selected and stored in the data collector. This is done in a configuration window for the definition of such measured values. Apart from general information on a measurement (e. g. name and duration) you may select integral measurement values (e. g. Leq), values at certain search points (e. g. third octave spectrum at the time of the highest level) as well as comment fields that are queried for each measurement. At the end of a measurement you can further decide whether the data of the finished measurement are to be added to the data collector.

Figure 1:
Data Collector administration


  • Automated collection of similar data from different measurements in one "data collector" for further processing
  • "Data collector" contains measured data in a spreadsheet (one line or column for each measurement)
  • Structure of a "data collector" is fully configurable
  • Add data from recently finished measurements
  • Easily add data from many individual measurements performed earlier


This software option require a valid SAMURAI license.