Weather Station


Field of Application:

The meteorological correction factor Cmet (DIN ISO 9613-2) must be taken into account in the calculation of the noise rating level, e.g. for the German “TA Lärm”.

The correction factor includes a deduction dependent upon the meteorological conditions as well as the local situation between the noise source and the point of measurement.


This option allows the following weather data to be recorded synchronously with the noise level measurement: temperature, humidity, pressure, rain event, wind speed and wind direction. The wind direction is visualized as a direction-dependent color of a marker track.

Figure 1:
Time history of the weather data

Figure 2:
Graphic layout


Software feature
  • Synchronous recording with time signal, spectra etc.
  • Temperature
  • Wind speed and wind direction
  • Humidity
  • Rain event
  • Atmospheric pressure


This software option require a valid SAMURAI license.