Remote Client


Field of Application:

This option is primarily intended for noise monitoring of building sites, industrial facilities, sport events, amusement parks etc. in cases where continuous on-line monitoring is necessary.


The REMOTE CLIENT option is a separate program which allows simultaneous access to several measurement stations in a network. The program acts as a client, using the TCP/IP interface of SAMURAI on the remote measurement stations. When a measurement station is accessed, the sound level meter values and third-octave spectra are displayed graphically. The user has either full access or only display access, depending on the password supplied.

Figure 1:
Sound level displays from two measurement stations

Figure 2:
Measurement data selection and third-octave spectrum from a measurement station


  • Remote access to several measurement stations via TCP/IP
  • History graph of all sound level values during the measurement
  • Third-octave spectra during the measurement
  • Use with either full access or only display access


This software option require a valid SAMURAI license.