Quality management

Our in-house laboratory for climate, mechanical and EMI stress testing is permanently monitoring product quality from development to serial production. In our manufacturing facilities assemblies are subjected to manifold tests as: initial tests, in-circuit tests, temperature shock tests in a climate chamber and automatic performance tests. Traceability for quality documentation is safeguarded with a Barcode serial number on each PCB and component assembly.

To ensure the high quality of our acoustic instruments we usually apply for national model approval at the federal test institute Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). The PTB verifies the construction of sound level meters to evaluate whether these instruments are fit for use according to Art. 3 of the Eichordnung (Verification Ordinance). After successful PTB type approval measurement equipment may be calibrated and used to perform public monitoring tasks, create certificates for public prosecution and legal proceedings or other official purposes.

Visit the Download section to view the PTB type approvals for our instruments.