Noise dosimeter for occupational safety
Intrinsically safe dosimeter according to ATEX directive



  • Meets requirements of ATEX EEx ia I M1, EEx ia IIC T2 II 1 G, Certification number 07ATEX2032X
  • Meets requirements of ECEx Ex ia I Ma, Ex ia IIC T2, certificate number IECEx SIR 11.0063X.
  • Meets requirements of the North American and Canadian FM/CSA approvals, Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D, temperature classification T 2.
  • Compact, robust design
  • Easy operation
  • 28 hours of battery life
  • Requires only 90 minutes of charging time
  • Integrated display and visual alarm (LED)
  • Automatic calibration function


  • Evaluation of occupational noise exposure
  • Hearing protection selection
  • Noise exposure calculation
  • Ensures compliance with the occupational noise standards and regulations

The CEL-35X dosimeters measure and store all relevant occupational noise parameters. The CEL-352 dBadge Plus model additionally offers frequency weighting C for the selection of an appropriate hearing protector. Manufacturers specify SNR and HML values. LCeq and/or LAeq may be combined with these values to determine the sound pressure level at the ear using simple, internationally recognised calculations.
The dosimeters are available with complete accessories, including sound calibrator, carrying case, wind screen, user manual and charging station.

casellasolutions.com The Casella Insight software allows the comfortable and individual management of data, including a report feature. A key lock provides protection against unintentional operation.


CEL-35X version overview
Version Order no. Features
CEL-350/IS/K1 ATEX logging dBadge kit 801406.0 Standard scope of delivery, incl. accessories and calibrator
CEL-350/IS ATEX logging dBadge 801409.3 Standard scope of delivery, without accessories
CEL-352/IS/K1 dBadge "ATEX" KIT 801172.4/td> Plus frequency weighting C, incl. accessories and calibrator
CEL-352/IS ATEX logging dBadge 801453.4 Plus frequency weighting C, without accessories


IEC 61252 Ed 1.1 (2002-3): Electroacoustics - Specifications for personal sound exposure meters

ANSI S1.25:1991 R2007: American National Standard - Specification for Personal Noise Dosimeters

IEC 61672: Class 2 sound level meter


casellasolutions.com The Casella Insight software allows the comfortable data management and handling, including a report feature.
Transfer of the stored data is realized via the charging cradle.
For further information please refer to CASELLA INSIGHT.

Technical specifications

General technical specifications of CEL-dBadge2
Measuring range 65.0 - 140.3dB(A) RMS, 143.3dB PEAK
Measurement values
  • Maximum sound level LAFmax, LAFmin, LASmin
  • Equivalent continuous sound level LAeq,
  • Peak levels LCpeak, LZpeak
  • Daily personal noise exposure (ISO) LAEPd, Proj LAEPd, LEX,8h
  • Amplitude weightings (halving parameter) Q=3, Q=5
  • Average continuous sound level (OSHA) LAvg
  • Daily personal noise exposure (OSHA) TWA, 8h
Frequency weightings A
Time weightings Fast, Slow, Impulse
Microphone 1/2" Class 2 measuring microphone, permanently polarized
Calibration With normal 1/2" calibrator at 114dB
Interface Infra-red to USB (PC) cable to Insight software
Battery Internal NiMH
Operating time 28h
Dimensions 80mm x 47mm x 52mm
Weight 71g (incl. batteries)
Frequency weightings Additional frequency weighting C
Equivalent continuous sound level LCeq additionally
  • Selection of hearing protection using HML / SNR method LC - LA, LCeq, LAeq
  • Specifications


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