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Sound and vibration analysis instruments

SINUS Messtechnik GmbH is an internationally established manufacturer of sound and vibration measurement equipment. Our brand equally stands for solidarity and modernity. We developed the first expert-acknowledged PC-based acoustic measurement system SYMPHONIE as early as 1996 and successfully marketed it with support from our partners. After HARMONIE and Soundbook we are able to continue this success story with our new measurement systems Apollo and Soundbook_MK2 and set new benchmarks for acoustic measurement equipment with the SAMURAI software package.

We provide our customers with a selection of sophisticated instruments, including a wide variety of software options for the most common application fields for sound and vibration analysis. Available options are for example environmental noise / event monitoring, building vibration, building acoustics, room acoustics / speaker systems, occupational safety (industrial hygiene), psycho-acoustics, sound power, noise source identification (sound intensity), vibration, frequency analysis, structural and modal analysis, vehicle noise (NVH), aircraft noise, multi-channel data acquisition, material testing, force measurement, etc. The possibility to expand the software with new options enables us to continuously open up new application fields.

After the PTB model registration of Soundbook_MK2 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria we now offer the only officially calibratable PC-based 2- to 8-channel sound level meter. We manufacture instruments for nearly all application fields for acoustic and vibration measurement equipment, from sound level meters to acoustic cameras.

Our corporate philosophy of modular concepts and open systems enables us to offer an impressive product portfolio on a high technical level at fair prices, even as a medium-sized company.

The application spectrum of our measurement systems is multi-faceted and requires a wide range of accessories. As a system supplier we provide a comprehensive portfolio of accessories and transducers from our own production as well as from associated companies. We support you in selecting suitable transducers based on you specific measuring tasks. In case a suitable product is not available, you may benefit from our in-house electronic and mechanic production facilities to create customised solutions.

OEM manufacturing

One major component of our business approach is the complete development and subsequent production of OEM products for customers from various industries.

As OEM supplier we have been manufacturing a wide range of fully tested electronic assemblies and devices for several companies for many years. We use the different manufacturing documents from the individual customers to produce their products or manufacture assemblies which we have developed and documented on behalf of a customer. Our electronic manufacturing department delivers highest quality and flexibility at fair prices.

Our experienced team is able to manufacture and test a large variety of assembly types. Our sales team procures many different components in time and at reasonable prices.

Our electronic manufacturing facilities make us a reliable supplier and partner for many medium-sized companies. Our creative team will continue to provide you with innovative solutions "Made in Germany".

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