SINUS innovations

With the SOUNDBOOK measurement systems we currently offer the only calibratable, PC-based 2-8-channel sound level meter. We thus combine calibratability with the benefits of a PC-based multi-channel sound and vibration measurement system. Using the Soundbook_MK2 Expander our calibratable Soundbook_MK2 measurement systems may be expanded to up to 40 synchronous measuring channels.

During the first design attempts we already considered the difficulties of the dynamic measuring range. The instruments available on the market at the time only had 16-bit ADCs with a dynamic range of 80dB. Releasing the Soundbook, which was developed in 2005, we introduced the new innovative "Extended Range" Technology. This method utilized two 16-bit ADCs for one measuring channel. With this we were able to provide a PTB-approved linearity range of 24dB – 135dB. Today, 24-bit ADCs are generally used, which ensure a sufficient dynamic range.

We are continuously involved in challenging research projects on our own initiative or taking part in support programmes of the federal government and the Free State of Saxony .